Haven’t exactly reached prowess level yet.

1 Sep

Defining social media is quite the task, considering its constantly changing nature.

The most significant and fairly obvious aspect to social media is communication. The variety of ways to communicate within the social media realm are great. Good old text, photos and videos are the main forms of communication but how they are utilized to convey a message is where the breadth of diversity lies. Social media sites can be used for persuasion, information or entertainment. It is highly individualized and immediate.  Social media is also about dialogue, or to take it further, to create a sense of back and forth communication between several online entities.

Though social media is known as a forum for commentary for individuals and their followers, that is most often just the surface of social media’s purpose. I mentioned previously persuasion, information and entertainment. Businesses specifically use social media in all of these ways to promote their brand. For example, with persuasion a business could have specialty loyalty promotion only available to those social media users that “like” their page on Facebook. On the information front, general important facts can be seen on a Facebook page, without liking it for those who are looking for more information about the business. Several businesses have also created successful viral video campaigns which serve as entertainment value for a potential consumer as well a promotion of their brand.

As far as the next part of the post: “What’s your experience level? What social networks do you engage in already? Which do you not understand? What are you hoping to learn in this class?”

I am a PR major and therefore feel as though I need to be absolutely fluent in social media. I also feel as though I am lacking in this regard and quickly need to change it.

On a personal level, I have a Facebook, Twitter and Linked In account. I have a blog, but I had previously used it for strictly academic purposes. I would say that is pretty much it when it comes to my own online presence.

However, this summer at my public relations internship with the Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau (DMCVB), I greatly contributed to the DMCVB’s social media goals. I was given access to both their Facebook and Twitter accounts directly and through Hoot Suite. This is an example of a post I did for their Facebook page:

I also encouraged conversation with comments that we previously did not always engage, which was also one of Fluency’s recommendations. I worked with a content calendar and was constantly looking for innovative things to include in the post for more feedback. The photos I uploaded on the page also had quite a few comments and “likes” (though I can’t claim I took them at all!)

These are general links to pages I contributed to this summer, but not all my specific posts- I don’t want to totally bore you!



We got to work with a social media consultant out of Ann Arbor called Fluency Media. They would give us weekly reports on our social media avenues and I learned a ton of useful information about how to handle social media efforts in the future.

Twitter was one I didn’t get to spend as much time with as Facebook at my internship and I can’t even pretend that I know all that much about it as a whole-it is certainly a beast I’ve yet to understand. Linked In is something I just kind of stumble through and definitely don’t use to its fullest potential.

For starters, I want to have a better working knowledge of the social media sites I already am engaged in. The other things I’m hoping to gain from this class are more awareness and comprehension of the other major social media outlets. Another aspect I’m excited for is to examine business to consumer and business-to-business utilization of social media.

I think this class is going to give me a leg up in the job hunt after graduation and I’m pumped you are giving me such an opportunity! 🙂



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