Yeahhhh, Fire Up Chips!

2 Sep

First and foremost, my personal social media accounts were around 90  percent attuned to the game yesterday.Though I have several Facebook friends who do not attend Central, quite of few of them were even getting in on the Chippewa action.  Some of them were wishing us good fortune in the outcome of the game or my more negative Facebook friends making fun of the school all together…(I can’t believe I dated him for two years ;)) Needless to say, the game was a hot topic, and that was prior to me looking for outside sources.

There was a status on my news feed yesterday that said “8 a.m. class over? Time to get hammmmmmmmmmmmmmed! Fire Up CHIPS!” That particular status was only just the beginning. I feel as though every possible aspect of the game was debated and analyzed from what girls were going to wear, to where people were meeting up to tailgate to how the O-line was looking all leading up to the game. Of course, it wouldn’t be right if there wasn’t copious amounts of drinking talk as well.

While at tailgate, a smart phone was in many a hand, and many of those hands were being put to use to use social media to do everything from take pictures of the stadium to update friends on their whereabouts. I found it fascinating because I noticed more people use Facebook to interact with their friends in real time than actually texting or calling them. Maybe it was just a fluke or maybe it is because I just never noticed it before. Honestly though, I doubt it was a fluke. People love posting on Facebook and Twitter details about their lives to appear more interesting to their followers.

People were also discussing in real time the plays of the game and how the home team seemed to be holding up-it was cool to see such a sense of spirit and community.

From a business standpoint, when we were walking in, I noticed the screen in front of the event center was broadcasting several twitters, including the SAC’s and URec.!/URecCMU

The game itself was covered by several CMU affiliated social media sites in real time including CMU Football’s official Twitter account, CM Life’s Twitter account and CMU Athletic’s Twitter account.!/CMUAthletics!/CMLIFE!/CMLifeSports!/CMU_Football

It was a bit crazy to me that they were all covering the game fairly in depth, but then again, CMU Football promotes the school in more ways than just sports. The more positive coverage in any fashion, the better.

The Morning Sun had its CMU Football beat writer host a live chat during the event at and was promoted on its Twitter site at!/MPMorningSun.

Channel 9 & 10 news were also covering the game with video: but it was not advertised on its Twitter account at!/9and10news/, which I thought was kind of odd. It is relevant news to the area and Twitter is the social media site designed for constant and varied updates.

During the game itself I didn’t notice as much promotion for social media sites. I would argue that most of the promotion is done beforehand or for people who cannot actually attend the game in person. I think all of these social media outlets could have had a more varied coverage however. Most of them didn’t use pictures in their updates and almost none video. Varied content offers a better chance of engagement.

The biggest problem with reaching the stadium? Straight up, reaching drunk college kids. The nature of CMU’s team is not that of MSU of U of M. The best part of the game for most students  who attend is the heavy drinking, making them a tricky audience to reach.


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