Live Tweeting

15 Sep

In our class last week, it was dare I say, fun to live tweet Obama’s speech as a class. I am not one to actively use my Twitter account, so it forced me to gain more experience (which is a good thing, not to worry!)

It was incredibly difficult however to both try and tweet a sufficient amount will listening and comprehending what Obama was explaining about his Act to Congress.  I hold a strong interest in politics and I really wanted to just process what the president was advocating internally and not have to try and post something witty about it for my followers to see. I do think it was a great exercise for me because as a PR major, I could certainly end up in a job doing exactly that (if not witty, then at least professional sounding).

The one thing I wasn’t a fan of was the political skew the tweets inevitably started taking on. I tried my best to keep my political views out of my tweets but I’m sure some of them were transparent. On the other hand, some of our classmates were saying things that I found downright offensive. Other classmates even felt the need to debate back and forth, which I think is healthy social media etiquette, if it is done in the right way. It did make me uncomfortable. I try to be as professional as possible, even if it is my personal account. I guess it all depends. Maybe it is something we could touch on in class one day-the line between good and bad (though I’m sure it is varied).

All in all, I loved being able to learn, be active and incorporate things I’m interested in all the while being in a classroom. I’m starting to get the hang of the iPad too. Which the jury is still out on if that is a good or a bad thing.


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