Twitter and YouTube…don’t cha know?

22 Sep

My evaluation of Coca-Cola’s Twitter account is simple: literally all it is used for is responses. All posts I witnessed from today back to the beginning of the month started with “@” symbols. There is a link to Coca-Cola’s Twitter and Facebook Accounts on the actual page, but there hasn’t been content outside of replies in quite sometime. In my opinion, a more lowly type of minion has the responsibility of replying to what I’m assuming is anyone who reaches out to the brand via Twitter. I would make the argument the goal of the account is to make Coca-Cola seem like an approachable brand that values its customers. The controversy level is low, unless someone were to get snippy in an “@” reply. How do I believe Coca-Cola could improve upon Twitter? I think what the brand is choosing to do is consistent and therefore fairly smart. Coke has a lot of other avenues to go with different kinds of promotion, and it is interesting to see an entire social media extension of a company to have the one purpose of being on the same level as its consumers.

In regards to the video we watched on YouTube, I was floored by many people value it as a tool of total self-expressionism. YouTube is commonly thought of on a very superficial level but when taken into a deeper consideration, I completely see how it has changed how we interact as a species. On some level, it has made us less judgmental. While people may use YouTube as an outlet to laugh at others, more overwhelmingly it has now become a beacon for humans to realize we are all a little crazy-in the best way possible. Though the lack of face-to-face interaction I view as very much less than ideal, credit needs to be given where credit is due in that YouTube has irrevocably changed the face of human interaction. Good, bad and ugly.

YouTube has also made the entire web browsing experience more engaging than it ever was prior-it lifted it to its potential. We has human beings have poor attention spans (whether academics care to admit it or not, it holds true for them as well) and videos pique interest more than text or sound alone would dare dream to. We are visual creatures and the success of YouTube shows that, having every other web entity follow in its footsteps.


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