27 Oct


The choice I made was to make the apology seem informal and natural. While I didn’t explicitly say the words “I’m sorry”, I was more focused on letting the viewers know that they are in fact appreciated. Again, I attempted to keep the tone more light; I even tried to make a joke (oh boy :)).  The topic I completely avoided was all of the recent controversy surrounding Netflix. I didn’t even attempt to explain what happened at all, really. My main goal was to get the message across that Netflix is back to normal and that the reason we did it was to appease our valued customers. I wanted the video response to be almost completely opposite from what the real response was. I wanted to be funny, informal, as non-creepy as I can possibly be and not too long.

I would totally re-do this if I had time and money. To be honest, I wouldn’t have done a video response at all unless I had thorough preparations.


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