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Scavenger hunts aren’t just for the kiddies anymore!

20 Oct

I was thinking a great brand to use the SCVNGR app would really benefit a museum. If the results are easily shared on social media, it would encourage users to share and promote their success in the scavenger hunt with their social network. Exposure on participant’s individual social media sites will ideally lead to a wide range of people becoming aware of the museum as a whole, what sort of exhibits and other attractions are offered at the museum. Incentives available throughout the task would be beneficial as well.

As a case study I’ll use The Henry Ford. (Museum and Greenfield Village)

For starters, several different scavenger hunts could be created to have a holiday theme. The Henry Ford puts on events for each holiday season: Halloween, Holiday Nights, as well as several unique events all summer long.

Here are some potential general challenges:

-Find the seat Rosa Parks refused to get out of in her bus and take a picture in it.
-Count the original Thomas Edison light bulbs in the Sarah Jordan Boarding House.
-FInd out the seasonal dish at the Eagle Tavern.
-How many “Dymaxion Houses” exist?
-What is the name of a movie playing in the nickelodeon?
-Which U.S. president practiced law in a courthouse in Greenfield Village?
Example of a themed scavenger hunt challenge:
-Take a picture with each of the Santa’s from around the world
-Take a video of you learning the Texas Two Step during Ragtime Street Fair

Types of incentives would could include discounts at the IMAX concession stand, free Model T cookie, half off admission on your next visit or some other incentive of that nature if all tasks are completed.